Kruger Park

Saímos de Maputo ainda de noite para evitar a confusão habitual. “Arriscávamo-nos a perder duas horas neste inferno”, diz Nelson. 

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On my way north, I stopped at Almeirim, not far from Santarem, the capital of the Gothic. 

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Today I came across an enlightening criticism of Ashton Ellis’ translation of Wagners’ (in)famous “Das Judenthum in Der Musik” (actually, his first version, published in the Bayreuther Blatter, in 1981). As many of you are probably aware, this piece of Wagner writing is much too often quoted as an evidence for his so-called anti-semitic stance.

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TODA A GENTE TEM UM CÉU. O meu é Moçambique, um sítio de que tinha saudades muito antes de lá ter estado. 

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Fazer a costa mais ocidental da Europa, a pé, era um projecto adolescente ainda por realizar. Preparada a mochila, saco-cama e tenda, apanhei o expresso para Vila Nova de Mil Fontes. 

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I am staying in Berlin in a quiet area, not far from Alexander Platz. This is Choriner Strasse 81, and I soon realise that the apartment had once been home to a family who had the misfortune of living in Berlin under nazi rule. Right by the door, I noticed a frequent homage that one can literally stubble upon all over Berlin

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