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[Ciencia Viva Internships - Communication de Science au Laboratoire]


This is a presentation of the results of a research examining a Science Apprenticeship Programme for secondary school students in Portugal, within the framework of a national agency for scientific and technological culture – Ciencia Viva. A survey of 4,207 apprentices identified key underpinning themes expressed in the students’ accounts of their experience of working alongside scientists in the workplace. This nationwide profiling was combined with an ethnographic observation of the activities, interactions and discourses between scientists and students at the research laboratories of the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto (Ipatimup). The presentation will show how science communication at the workplace provides young students with opportunities for first-hand contact with the processes of science, the cultural environment in which these unfold and, ultimately, the social implications of their application to real-world problems.


Apprenticeship, science communication, informal science learning, IBSME.

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